To make GSE to be the first class and well respected HDPE geomembrane liner brand in Indonesia


  • To develop world class skill employee in order to provide the best service to our customers
  • To optimally contribute into the fast-paced growth of aquaculture industry in Indonesia

Our Company


MULTIPRO provide the bridge between industrial stakeholder and environments through supply, consulting, building, installing environmental approach engineering using Geomembrane.

MULTIPRO as GSE Exclusive Authorized Distributor for Aquaculture and Agriculture in Indonesia is the pioneer that providing lining system for shrimp farm and salt farm in Indonesia.

MULTIPRO  experience on professional service  of Geomembrane Application in  Aquaculture and Agriculture in Indonesia achieved more than 15 years experience.




GSE Lining Technology Co. Ltd. (“GSE”)

 GSE provides the widest range of products that are used in association with geomembrane lining systems. GSE is known around the world for its firsts. GSE have even been called “The Pioneer of Geosynthetics” and have historically been known as an innovator and market leader, setting the standard for everyone else in the industry.